ALL Service requests must be sent via Email to:
For Sales:
Tech Hours:  Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm 
Rates for NJ & Eastern PA are as follows:
Service Calls (1 man) – $160.00  for service calls, additional time is  $125.00 per man, per hour
Installations, Cabling & Service (2 Men) – $230.00 per hour
Systems Programming – $150/hour On-site / $110/hour Remote
Remote Login Session – $75 includes the first 30 minutes, then billed at $50/per 30 mins
Network Monitoring –  Base package is $699/year (plus installation of our network equipment, includes firmware and firewall updates)
*NYC Labor is flat rate, includes 1 – 2 men, and travel + tolls. $3899/per day Must be paid & booked in advance, NO exceptions.

Payments & Billing:  Billing time starts when tech leaves their location, travels to the job site, and billing ends once they’ve completed their work on-site. Billing in 15 minute increments after the first hour. Please note, that if travel to a location exceeds 1 hour, you will be billed additionally for the return trip.  Payment in full is due upon completion.
ALL correspondence must be mailed to:  Deal Stereo, PO Box 528, Allenwood NJ 08720
NOTE: Service requests are handled in the order we receive them. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to service your location as promptly as possible.  Please note that ALL hardware / equipment is subject to availability and price changes due to current market availability. Nights & weekends are available, and require advanced scheduling, and subject to increased labor rates.
Rates:  x 1.5 for nights and Saturday – day,  and Saturday night and all day Sunday is x 2.0.  All Out of State work is billed hourly, from departure to arrival back at our location.  Any lodging requirements will be added to your invoice, along with a $40/day, per technician fee.  ALL rates are non-negotiable. 

Late Fees:  $90.00 Monthly bookkeeping fee, plus 1.5% Interest, compounded monthly.  Liens & Legal proceedings + costs incurred will be responsibility of the client in full.